WONDERFUL SERVICE- My business had major damage at one of our properties. I needed last minute service and Statewide Patrol was there for me.

The property was out of town and Statewide Patrol made arragements to get an officer to my location. Jason Booth made sure I had an officer that night. Later in the week, we made a change in service. We called Jason on a Friday evening in hope that we can make the change. Not only did he answer the phone(which is very rare these days) but made the change for us so our employees can enjoy the weekend.

Thank you Jason and Statewide Patrol. I would recomend this company to anyone in the Austin area. I know I have a security company when I need it. I used a different company when we were changing out our fence before, and they were late, and the management didnt show any signs that they cared about us until it was time to collect money for the late, no uniform, rude officer. Its good to know there is a good company out there when you need them.

I am glad I called these guys first. Statewide Patrol and Jason could teach a lot of security companies a thing or two about customer service.

Angela V. Mccoy's Building Supply Austin, Texas

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A SECURITY COMPANY IN TEXAS I WOULD ONLY CALL THESE GUYS- I am a Regional Manager of an Apartment Management Company in Texas. I have utilized all types of security & courtesy patrol services from numerous security firms in the past 20+ or so years. About 4 years ago I started using the services that Statewide Patrol provides.

I could not be happier. Period. End of conversation. I will tell you more however because I think it needs to be said. They have provided services for me all over the State of Texas. Their officers have guarded my Apartment Homes in San Antonio, in Austin and in Dallas.

I like the fact that this company can cover all my needs whatever they are in Texas. We manage properties all over the State and we need a security firm with full-service operations in all the large metro areas of Texas. I am also happy about the fact that the Statewide Patrol’s Officers are highly trained, professionally uniformed, and have radios and cell phones. Since our Apartment Management company was formed in Texas we feel a need to buy local. For us that has meant buying services from Vendor Providers in Texas and in local Texas city markets. Statewide Patrol is run locally by Law Enforcement officers in Texas.

If you are looking for a security company in Texas I would only call these guys. Trust me. I have dealt with a number of “start-up” local companies with poor management and financial backing. For the past 4 years with Statewide I have been very satisfied that I have a top-notch security firm with solid financial footing and the money and expertise to properly train the officers they have assigned to my properties. I am extremely satisfied.

Dan Erickson RM San Antonio, TX

I AM GLAD I CALLED THESE GUYS FIRST- You have provided wonderful service and we have appreciated all the work you have provided.

Tracie Apartment Manager Irving, TX


Statewide Patrol, Inc serves a multitude of clients and caters to all their security needs:

  • Mobile Patrol Services
  • On-Site Security Officers
  • Firewatch Officers
  • Temporary Assignments
  • Body Guards
  • Off-Duty Law Enforcement
  • Alarm Response
  • Secure & Lock-Up Services